TKO Clamps are premium custom machined clamps. Our revolutionary design is patented and consists of a multi-hinged 3 part aluminum band, which incorporates a negative angle locking latch system. The clamps are approximately quarter inch thick and half inch wide. Our design uses 6061 aluminum, because of its strength. We have been told numerous times that the clamp is overbuilt for the pressures required, but we haven’t changed our design as we want it that way.

We build clamps ranging in sizes from 1/2" up to 4-5/8" inside diameter. For sizes over 2-1/2" call for availability.

TKO clamps simply wrap around your existing hose and then are sealed by closing the latch and tightening to your preferred tightness. Their design makes removal of your hose unnecessary. Unlike spring-style clamps, which require the hose to be removed, or banded clamps, which require many revolutions of the tightening/loosening screw in order to be removed, our clamps open wide enough to be installed with no hose removal. If they ever need to be removed, the latch is built to be opened by any flat head screwdriver.

The finished inside diameter is perfectly sized in order to eliminate any possibility of over or under tightening. The inside diameter has a convex ridge incorporated in it. The convex ridge creates the clamping seal, as well as assists in the installation process of the clamp. Squeezing the clamp into place is made much easier, because the ridge causes only a small area of hose to be displaced during the installation process.

TKO clamps come with a 1/32 inch thick compliant liner. The compliant liner has 2 functions. First, it alleviates or lessens marking/denting on the hose from the convex ridge and it can assist with a tighter fit, if you feel that is needed. Our clamps are a revolutionary departure from the presently used aged and technologically challenged clamps. They are premium clamps for people that love their cars, trucks, boats or whatever motor is important enough to deserve the best.