When we are attending car and buggy shows we get a few of the same questions at almost every event. Here are a list of our most often asked questions along with some videos you can watch to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I accurately measure my hose for a clamp?



2. How do you adjust the clamp?

Our new Premium Adjustable Clamps come with an adjustable Button Head Bolt, a 1/32″ liner and a bridge for use when opening to the larger size range. This allows the consumer the ability to tighten or loosen the clamp as needed.

If on the other hand you choose our Custom Hose Clamps they are made to fit per your unique specifications, and will fit and work even better than your traditional stock clamps. They also come with a liner that can be added to the hose if you decide you want a tighter fit.


3. Do I need any special tools to install a clamp?

For our Premium Adjustable Clamps no special tools are required. Our Roll Bar Accessory Mounts come with a deep Phillips head screw for easy installation. To install our Custom Hose Clamps we recommend using a set of soft jaw pliers or vise grip style tool to compress the hose enough to click the latch shut. In either case there is no need to remove the hose.



4. What are the liner and bridge used for?



5. How do I install Roll Bar Accessory Mounts?

We offer a way to mount almost anything to a roll bar without drilling or marring your finish. Our clamps come in your choice of Security or Quick Release latches. The Security latch is great for hanging a fuel tank, light bar or anything you want to stay in place until you want to remove it. The Quick Release latch is great for items that you may want or need to remove quickly. Like fire extinguishers or items like a GoPro that you want to quickly remove and take with you so they are not stolen.



6. How do I install and setup my Easy Release Enforcer Fire Extinguisher?



7. Why do I need a quick release fire extinguisher?



8. How do I measure my roll bar?



9. How do I install a GoPro mount?



10. How do I install a GoPro with Easy Release Mount?


11. What different types of clamps do you build?



12. Tell me about your Adjustable Hose Clamps 


13. Explain your Easy Release Clamps. 



Note: No tools are required to reinstall after the initial install is complete.



14. How do I install your Zero Clearance Clamp?


Demo with Dave Video



If you have any questions not covered here send us an email or call us at (307) 733-3063. Contact Us


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