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Hot August Nights in Reno - radiator hose clamps
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July 29, 2019
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February 29, 2020
Product of The Year - radiator hose clamps

SEAM2019 Product of The Year

The folks from Wheels In Motion stopped by our booth at SEMA 2019 to talk to us about our clamps.

TKO Clamping Systems on Wheels In Motion from Treasure Rock Productions on Vimeo.

TKO Clamping Systems has a solution for your coolant and fuel lines to replace those ugly worm drive clamps. If you are a buggy or 4X4 enthusiast check out our line of roll bar accessory mounts. We can hang almost anything from your roll bar. Fire extinguishers, fishing poles, rifles, fuel tanks, GoPro cameras and more. Your imagination is your only limit.

Precision Fit. Looks Great. Easy To Use.

Modern motors are engineering wonders and new technological equipment impresses, however no one has improved the clamping system for decades. TKO clamps close this technology gap. TKO clamps come in numerous anodized colors and a polished finish. We are also happy to personalize them and will engrave them for one-of-a-kind specialization.

We can help you create the custom appearance that you want. If you have an idea, which you believe will take the look of your motor from where it is – to where you want it to be, we’ll do our best to build you the clamp that will take it there.

The most commonly used clamps used today are cheap, unattractive and are difficult to use. Our clamps are built to precision, they look great and are user friendly.

Our Roll Bar Accessory Mounts (adjustable clamp) are built to fit roll bars with OD of 1.5”, 1.75” and 2.0”. We also have a solution for the Cam Am 1.9″ roll bar. Select from silver* or black. Available with your choice of security or quick release latches. Roll Bar Accessory Mounts from TKO Clamping Systems attach almost anything to your roll bar. Therefore you can put that GPS where you can see it. Mount your phone within easy reach. Take those things rolling around in your back end and hang them up out of the way on your roll bar for easy access. Great for your Razor, UTV, Jeep or anything with a roll bar.

Winners of 4 Global Media Awards, 2017-2019 and the SEMA 2019 Product of the Year by Wheels In MotionTV

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