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January 4, 2023
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What is astrophotography? I had no idea until a customer contacted us wanting a solution to attach some electronics to a tripod on his telescope. I did a little research and found this beginners guide.

Astrophotography for beginners: How to shoot the night sky
The subject of astrophotography — taking photographs of the night sky — is such a broad one that it’s hard to know where to begin. We can help. Here, we’ve concentrated our knowledge into a beginner’s guide to astrophotography that will supply you with both basic techniques and creative ways to capture the night sky.

The point of this blog is to show our customers that clamps can be used for many different things across many different industries. TKO Clamping Systems has produced clamps for farm equipment to easily attach or detach numerous hoses to seed counters with no special tools. Clamps to easily change and attach filters to a gas mask. Easily attach a greaser to industrial cables. Attach exhaust hoses to inboard boat engines. If you need to attach almost anything to a roll bar, ladder, handle bar, frame or pole we have a solution.

Different Clamp Types

We have clamps with Quick Release Handles, Standard Adjustable Clamps and HD (heavy duty) Clamps. Check out all of our different clamp types and remember that we can manufacture clamps for most any need. We engrave or color clamps to indicate flow direction, fluid type, company logo or pretty much anything you need on your clamps.

Here is what our Astrophotographer customer had to say:

Thanks again Tim, sure looks smart in the photos. I’ll make sure to review and post on the various astrophotography groups as well.

I suspect you might get busy as there hasn’t been anything available in this space ever.

Kind regards,

Gordon M. Boytell

Queensland, Australia 

Astrophotography HD clamps
Astrophotography HD clamps
Telescope clamps
Telescope clamps

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