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Premium adjustable clamp

Premium adjustable clamp

Many months of planning and development have gone into creating our new Micro Adjustable Clamp. We’ve been itching to talk about our new product. Well on Wednesday June 13, 2018 TKO filed our required documents with the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) and are now free to talk about our new clamp.

Our Micro Adjustable Clamp is the same high quality clamp you have come to appreciate and we are so proud of here at TKO Clamping Systems. They are still a multi-hinged 3 part aluminum band, which incorporates a negative angle locking latch system. They are also still made from 6061 aluminum. But we have added the ability for the customer to make a small adjustment.

Micro Adjustable Clamp cross section

Premium Adjustable Clamp cross section

How do you adjust it?

Two of the most frequently asked questions we get when talking to people at car shows are “How do I correctly measure for the clamp” and “How do you adjust it”.

The simple answer was TKO hose clamps are custom machined for your application and are ready to install. However they also come with 2 different compliant liners. We include a 1/64 and 1/32 inch thick liner and depending on your preference, any or none can be used. The compliant liner has 2 functions. First, it alleviates or lessens marking/denting on the hose from the convex ridge and it can assist with a tighter fit, if you feel that is needed.

Some customers were not confident with their ability to get an accurate measurement (see our measuring video) for an order. This led us to develop a product that allowed a little leeway for those customers.

Premium adjustable clamp top view

Our new Micro Adjustable Clamp has the added feature of an adjustable Button Head Machine Bolt incorporated into our Latch. Thus allowing the consumer the ability to tighten or loosen the clamp plus or minus approximately 1/32″ as needed. This lets the customer grow or shrink the inside diameter of each clamp by about 1/16″. This allows TKO to offer a custom machined product that can be purchased on-line or in a retail store off the shelf without the need for our final touch machining.

The Micro Adjustable Clamp will be available:

  • In 4 of our most popular sizes ranging from 1.5″ to 2.5″.
  • They will also be available in all four of our anodized color options.
  • Custom Engraving is also available.

Our Original Custom Clamp will still be available, the new Micro Adjustable Clamps are an addition to our product line.

We hope to have our new clamps available some time in the next three or four months. We definitely need them for the SEMA Conference in late October.

Keep an eye on our web site for updates.

We have other products coming in the near future so stay tuned.

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