Starlink RV Flagpole Adapters

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September 29, 2022
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Flagpole side release

Flagpole side release

Flagpole Adapter

TKO Clamping Systems has an answer for everyone trying to attach a flagpole to the ladder on your RV with our Starlink Adapters. A flagpole is a easy way to extend your Starlink antenna above your RV for the best reception possible. If your flagpole is attached to the rear ladder you can either lower the pole to get the antenna below the top of the RV or easily remove the entire system for transport with the TKO adapters.

Product Review

Check out this product review from Shane’s DIY YouTube Channel.

Everyone is talking about the Starlink system and there are adapters and hacks all over the internet. If you are trying to attach a pole to your RV ladder we have clamps from 3/4” to 3 1/4”. We just need the dimensions for the pole and the ladder. In our example we used a 20’ telescoping flagpole from Harbor Freight. The customer in our photos wanted the flagpole to release easily and the clamp set to remain on the ladder. Normally we build the adapters to remain on the flagpole and easily release from the ladder. Each set of Starlink RV Flagpole Adapters consists of four clamps, two back to back. One for the pole and the other end for the ladder.

Flagpole mount
Flagpole mount

Customize Your Order

Our Standard Clamps are three piece and wrap around your bar and easily release for those that want to quickly remove or install. They also and have a security screw (not required) to keep someone from quickly popping your accessory off and taking it.

Our HD (heavy duty) Clamps are a two piece clamp for situations where you want a sturdy clamp that you plan on leaving in place a little longer.

Your order is customized for your situation. You have four opinions to choose from.

Pole to Ladder

HD to HD works great when you want to leave everything installed.

HD to Standard works great if you want to remove everything from the ladder but leave the clamps installed on the pole for storage.

Standard to HD works great if you want to leave everything installed but want to easily lower the pole in situations where you don’t have a telescoping pole.

Standard to Standard work in situations where you want everything to be easily removed.

Just let us know which option fits your situation.

Standard to HD
Standard to HD
Standard to Standard
Standard to Standard
HD to HD
HD to HD
HD to Standard option
HD to Standard option


  • (2) Sets of clamps. 2 ladder clamps and 2 pole clamps.
Long view
Long view


Several companies sell flagpoles, here is one example. Harbor Freight has a telescoping flag pole and Etsy has numerous examples of adapters to attach your Starlink antenna to the top of your flagpole.

Made in America

We make all of our TKO Clamping Systems Accessory Mounts in house at our Pocatello, Idaho shop right here in the USA.

Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum.

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Check out some of our other great accessories. Flag/Whip Antenna Mount or our GoPro Mount. Both can be manipulated to achieve the desired vertical or horizontal angle no matter your bar angle.

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