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February 29, 2020
Roll Bar Accessory Clamps - custom hose clamps
Roll Bar Accessory Mount
August 4, 2020

 TKO Roll Bar Accessory Mounts                                                                                                                                       

Are you looking for a solution for the problem of attaching accessories to your roll bar?  TKO believes we have the solutions.  Our innovative modular clamp mounting systems allow the customer to custom build the solution for their specific need.

By connecting individual components, a wide range of attaching options for roll bars is possible.

For items that need to be removed quickly and easily or items that you don’t want to leave on the machine (for instance – to prevent theft), explore our quick release clamps.  These can hold fire extinguishers, speakers, Go Pros, etc.  They can be quickly unlocked, and the item secured inside the automobile or truck transporting the recreational machine.

Do you need a system to secure bungie cords, ropes, or other tie downs?  Then select the clamp that fits your diameter roll bar and attach the General Utility option.

Considering a RotoPax gas tank for those long rides?  Select the lock down clamps that fit the roll bar and then attach a RotoPax Deluxe Mount, and you’ll be ready to fasten that extra fuel tank.  

Want to fasten a light bar, shovel, fishing pole, flashlight, rifle (requires the TKO rifle mount to clamp conversion kit) or another accessory?   Select the clamp that fits the diameter of the bar you want to attach too and join it to the corresponding Quick Fist that matches the accessory you have in mind.  

Do you need a fire extinguisher for safety reasons?  TKO builds three systems for you to pick from.  There is a two clamp, two collar Easy Release system that syncs up with a Sentry brand tank.  If you do not want the Easy Release system, but want the Sentry extinguisher, then you can use the mount included in the Sentry container and mount it with two of our regular clamps.  The third system is a smaller one Easy Release clamp with a small collar and a FireAde brand extinguisher.

               TKO Clamps                                                                                                                                       TKO ClampsHaving trouble getting in or out of the side by side?  Then try one of our handles.  The handles can be mounted with a rubber lined or a metal to metal clamps.  Pick the clamps that fit the diameter bar you wish to mount too and pick a set that has the long lug.  We feel that our handle system is far superior to the floppy material handles that are on most side by sides.

               TKO Clamps                                                                                                                                       TKO ClampsAll our hardware can be installed with regular tools.  Phillips screwdrivers and a hex head wrench is generally all that is required.  The hardware can be moved to change directions without damaging the roll bar.  There are two color options and numerous sizes.  Our parts are machined aluminum, powder coated, and we use stainless steel screws.  Additionally, if you have a unique problem, contact us at ocall us at 307-733-3063 and lets work on a solution together.

               TKO Clamps                                                                                                                                       TKO Clamps


Our clamps are proudly made in the USA.

TKO Crew
TKO Crew


The TKO Crew – Kary, Stan, Shea and Tim

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