Roll Bar Accessory Mounts

Premium adjustable top view - radiator hose clamps
TKO’s Award Winning Premium Adjustable Clamps are Now Available.
March 8, 2019
Hot August Nights in Reno - radiator hose clamps
Hot August Nights
July 29, 2019
Roll Bar Accessory Clamps - custom hose clamps

Roll Bar Accessory Clamps

Roll Bar Accessory Mount
TKO Clamps are Rock Solid

Research and Development

We took our TKO buggy to the “Rally in the Rocks” event in Moab, Utah this May. Our Roll Bar Accessory Mounts were along for the ride. Other than playing on the rocks and to meet other like minded folks, one reason we were there was to put our clamps to the test as part of our research and development program. We did exactly that.

Rock Solid

As you can see from the video above we put our clamps through some rough terrain and tough conditions. Our adjustable Roll Bar Accessory Mounts performed just as we hoped and were rock solid the entire week.

Roll bar Accessory Mounts (adjustable clamps) are built to fit roll bars with OD of 1.5”, 1.75” and 2.0”. We also have a solution for the Cam Am 1.9″ roll bar. Select from silver or black. Available with your choice of security or quick release latches.

Roll Bar Accessory Mounts from TKO Clamping Systems attach almost anything to your roll bar. So you can put that GPS where you can see it. Mount your phone within easy reach. Take those fishing poles, shovels, axes and anything rolling around in your buggy and hang them up out of the way on your roll bar for easy access. Mount that Fire Extinguisher where it needs to be for easy access when needed. Great for your Razor, SXS, UTV, Jeep or anything with a roll bar. Don’t void your warranty by drilling a hole through your roll bar. Our mounts will not mar your roll bar and do not require any drilling.

Each order includes a Torx style, size T15 wrench for installation.

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