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UTV Drive Belt Box and Installation Kit


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Protect Your Parts

TKO has teamed up with Savage UTV to offer their UTV Drive Belt Box and our Roll Bar Accessory Mounts in a complete Installation Kit. Have that spare belt with you when you need it most and you can store a couple of tools as well.

Storing your UTV drive belt in an environment containing dirt, mud, dust, debris, moisture, or objects that rub against it will damage your belt. All of these negatively effect the performance of your belt and can result in early failure. Protect your belt by securely storing it in a 100% airtight, waterproof, locked case that can be easily mounted to any size roll cage or flat surface.

TKO Roll Bar Accessory Mounts include rubber liners and won’t mar your finish. Our mounts are  made from solid 6061 T6 aluminum and include stainless steel bolts to reduce corrosion. They also mount at any angle and require no drilling therefore won’t void your warranty. Because of the way our clamps can rotate you can span between two different bars (see the photos above) and still accommodate the different angles to attach your Savage UTV Drive Belt Box firmly.

100% Dust Proof
100% Waterproof (IP67 Rated)
* Holds (2) UTV Belts
* Flat mounted or mounts to any size roll cage
* Made of UV resistant injection molded plastic

 Polaris Pro R, Wildcat XX and Kawasaki KRX belts will not fit in the Savage UTV case. 

What’s Included

Savage Case
(2) Black TKO Roll Bar Accessory Mounts and Stainless steel mounting hardware
(1) customizable foam insert

Dimensions: 22″ x 5″ x 3.5″

Your Next Project

Mount those accessories you have laying on you buggy floor using our TKO Clamping Systems mounts. Check out the links below.

TKO Roll Bar Accessory Mounts and Fire Extinguishers 


If you have any questions not covered here send us an email or call us at (307) 733-3063. Contact Us

Made in America

We make all of our TKO Clamping Systems Accessory Mounts in house at our Pocatello, Idaho shop right here in the USA.

Roll Bar Size

.75”, 1”, 1.5", 1.75", 2", 2.25"


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