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August 28, 2020
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FireAde Enforcer Extinguisher


FireAde Enforcer Extinguisher with TKO Easy Release System to mount on your roll bar. Peace of mind and Free refills. May be the last extinguisher you ever buy.

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New FireAde Extinguisher

The new FireAde Enforcer Extinguisher is a great way to add safety and convenience to you vehicle. Great for Jeep’s, SxS and buggies of all kinds. Combined with our Easy-Release system anyone can operate this extinguisher.  Because of popular demand we now offer the extinguisher surround brackets in red, blue, silver or black. Check out the photos.

FireAde Easy Release Extinguisher

After a request from some people racing buggies and lot of testing and research with potential users, we came up with this unique design.

When in an adrenaline powered panic during a sudden vehicle fire, potential customers said they wanted to be able to remove an extinguisher without even thinking about how to do it. This becomes even more important when a stranger comes upon a your vehicle fire and the passengers are incapacitated. 

Ease of Use

With our design you simply grasp the red handle and either pull or push and the entire system will come off in your hands within a second or two. No pins to pull, knobs to twist or buttons to push. No instructions required! The simple operation of our Easy Release Clamps when paired with the FireAde Enforcer Extinguisher is a winner. It will stop a fire and cool any hot surface.

Redesigned Easy Release Clamps

Our redesigned Easy Release Clamps can now be reinstalled with no tools. After you have properly installed your extinguisher and need to remove if from the roll bar it can be reinstalled by simply hooking the the corner of each release in the rectangular hole and pulling it tight over center. We recommend using a screwdriver if available just to make sure everything is still tight to your preference, but it’s not required.

Reinstall video.

Free Refills

If you ever need to use your Enforcer, TKO Clamping Systems will provide the FireAde formula to you free. Simply pour the 3.5 oz of dry formula into the extinguisher and add 30 oz of water. Replace the valve assembly, shake and charge the bottle with air until the pressure is in the green. You are ready to go again. This might be the last bottle you ever have to buy.

No Messy Clean Up

Enjoy the comfort of knowing you and your loved ones are protected. There’s no messy cleanup either. Simply rinse with water. You no longer need to scrub those toxic chemicals from your engine after use of a traditional extinguisher. The 33.82 oz FireAde Enforcer Extinguisher is available in a “Quick Release Kit” ready to install on your roll bar.

Kit includes:

  • 1 liter, 33.82 oz. FireAde Enforcer  Extinguisher with brackets. Choose Red, Blue, Black or Silver surround brackets
  • 2 Clamp Easy Release System for your size roll bar
  • Mounting Bolts
  • Rubber Padding
  • The manufacturer has raised their price and we have no control of that. We have reduced the price of our TKO parts to give you the best price we can on a quality part.

Easy Installation

Check out our easy installation video.


Check out our other Fire Extinguisher options. Smaller 22 oz FireAde.

Roll Bar Size

Extinguisher and bracket only, 1.5", 1.75", 2", 2.25", 2.5”

Surround color

Red, Black, Blue, Silver


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