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July 26, 2017

Custom Hose Clamps


$15 – $38

Make your Hot Rods, Show Cars, Motorcycles and much more stand out with our Custom Hose Clamps for radiators and other hose connections. Each clamp is made to fit per your unique specifications, and will fit and work even better than your traditional stock clamps.

See our clamp size ranges below or call us with your size and color request.

What size would you like us to mill the clamp to?

We need the outside diameter of the hose while on the radiator inlet and/or the thermostat housing, so we need you to measure with a micrometer the width and height of the hose. The best place to do this is at the same area that the other clamp is coming off at or the area of the hose that you want the new clamp placed at. Get your micrometer snug on the hose, but there is no need to pinch it. With these two measurements, we will be able to determine what the Inside diameter and sealing rib need to be milled to. We can make clamps from an Inside diameter of 5/8 inch to 2 ½ inch. If you have further questions, see our measurement guide.

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Custom Hose Clamps

$15 – $38

Our Custom Hose Clamps make your Hot Rods, Show Cars, and Motorcycles really stand out. They are that last bit of bling to finish off the custom look you have been working for. Why spend all that money fixing up that engine compartment only to settle for worm drive clamps? TKO Clamps are far superior in design, strength and looks. They are great for radiators, fuel line and heater hose connections. The are made from 6061 T6 aluminum and come in our four popular colors*. Each clamp is made to fit per your unique specifications, and will work even better than your traditional stock clamps.

Accurate Measurements 

Check out our “How to Measure” and “How to install” videos.  It is very useful to get an accurate “squished” measurement before ordering. This means measuring across a clamp tightened to your desired tightness with no leeks. Knowing this measurement allows you to select the correct size. Please contact us for help in ordering the correct size clamp.

For those wanting something more adjustable we also offer Premium Adjustable Clamps which come with an adjustable Button Head Bolt, a 1/32″ liner and a bridge for use when opening to the larger size range. Allowing the consumer the ability to tighten or loosen their custom hose clamp as needed.


Clamp Number,  Size Ranges and Prices:

  • 1             .500-.650            $15
  • 2             .590-.800            $17
  • 3             .870-1.100         $17
  • 4             1.030-1.430      $20
  • 5             1.500-1.700      $24
  • 6             1.700-1.975      $26
  • 7             1.900-2.200      $28
  • 8              2.200-2.400     $32
  • 9              3.000-3.300     $38


Our Custom clamps work great for industrial uses as well. They can be engraved with flow direction, content name, temperature or anything you need as well as color coded.

International Shipping

For international shipping orders please contact us with your address so we can get you an accurate shipping cost to your destination. (307) 733-3063 or email us.


For Custom Engraving please contact us with your request.

* The color “silver” is machined aluminum and is fairly shiny. Buffing with a little rouge will make it a “mirror like” finish.


Silver, Blue, Red, Black

Clamp Number

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