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May 1, 2021
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March 17, 2022

This is Stan with TKO clamps. Today I want to introduce you to our easy release fire extinguisher clamps system that we’ve designed.

Here’s how we got started in the fire suppression system. It was called Rally In the Pines in Idaho in 2017 or 2018 and what happened is that a guy came into our camp and said “I need a fire extinguisher.” We had no idea why. But later that day we learned the previous day, a guy was riding in the mountains and his buggy caught fire.

Nobody had a fire extinguisher so a group of 5-7 people had to just stand there and watch the buggy burn to the ground. That day in the market, everybody wanted a fire extinguisher. Because of that, we decided that we should take a look at taking our clamps and migrating them over to what we call an easy release system. It took us a while to get here, but we now have a working model that we absolutely love.

This is how our system works. Regardless of what direction you send this bar, forward or backward, it releases the lug.

Even though today we’re only talking about our fire suppression system, this clamp can be used for numerous other applications. It could be as simple as a GoPro camera that you are trying to mount to the nose. Or a set of speakers. Or a fuel tank. It would be great for a spare tire. There are many more applications for our clamp.

This is how simple our fire suppression system comes off of your bar. Just pull it off like that. To put it back on, you just wrap it around your bar, bring the clamps together and snap it back on. Then you can adjust the fit to suit whatever tightness you want.

When people get under a lot of stress, their fine motor skills disappear. All they have available is gross motor skills. To even manipulate a zipper on a coat can be almost impossible under stress. So reading instructions on how to remove something from something is almost impossible.

So our design was basically — so you don’t have to think about how to make this system work. Simply push it forward or pull it back to release. We don’t have to teach you how to use this.

We made this thing and we put it on our buggy and traveled around the country going to car shows. Fortunately, we never had to release it. But a couple of years ago, we did have to release it. We were riding in the sand and our turbo got red hot. Our “unburnable” turbo bag caught fire. We literally got the brakes on as fast as we could. Slid to a stop. Jumped out the door and grabbed the fire extinguisher in one hand and the bar in the other.

I was absolutely stunned at the system that we designed and believe is the best system out there came off so quickly. Within 15 seconds the fire was out. Our buggy was saved. We didn’t even burn wires. We were so happy.

There are two different styles that we have. We have a large bottle — our three-pound bottle. For those of you that already have this rolling around in the back of your buggy, you can purchase this system from us. It comes with two clamps with your choice with a crash bar because we don’t know what size of roll bar you have. So you tell us what size and we’ll send you those. And it comes with a set of surrounds for the size of bottle that you are trying to fit.

We also have a smaller one. This one right here. It’s for a smaller bottle that we also market.

Frankly, we believe that we have the best release system on the market today. Check out our fire extinguisher clamps and our other products.

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